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750ml Children's Plastic Straw Water Bottle With Cup Brush

750ml Children's Plastic Straw Water Bottle With Cup Brush

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Introducing the perfect companion for young adventurers - the 750ml Children's Plastic Straw Water Bottle With Cup Brush! Crafted with durable and lightweight plastic, this water bottle is designed to withstand the energetic lifestyle of kids on the move. Equipped with a convenient straw for easy sipping, it ensures hydration is always within reach during playtime or school hours.

With a generous 750ml capacity, this bottle provides ample hydration without the need for frequent refills. Worried about cleanliness? Fear not! Included with the bottle is a specially designed cup brush, making cleaning a breeze and ensuring optimal hygiene for your child's health.

Material: PC+PP+Silicone rubber High quality material: The spout is made of food-grade silicone, which leaves no trace of nibbling and does not contain BPA and will not harm your baby.
Unique design: the design of the anti-jet nozzle mouth releases the air pressure and bites the water out, the design of the large open mouth, the rounded cup mouth, drink with abandon, do not choke on the lip protection, one hand can open the mouth of the card Provides unprecedented capacity. Now hold more of your favourite drinks at the perfect temperature for longer.
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